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🇨🇦 Software Engineer, Runs on Coffee ☕
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[Verifying my OpenPGP key: OPENPGP4FPR:A8F362E2D8066895581AC014DD4BE5191E2153E0]

It's finally time for me to play endwalker #ffxiv


<Hermione in class>

It's asPARAgus, not ASparagus

🎨 A painting/Fediverse experimentation:

With percentages of Red, Green and Blue, you can obtain a precise RGB color definition.

So, please vote for one or more color channel and with the mix of all the votes, I'll challenge myself to paint a fantasy landscape, using the result as the dominant color.

(PS: I'm doing full time inking/penciling on episode 37 and a bit of colored art cool-down would be great! Also I need a bit of 'Fedifun' this week. Thanks for your votes and boosts! )

@cadey your blogs on tailscale and gaming on NixOS have been both fun and super informational.

Thanks for putting out such great content 😁

Loving to see all the otehr #NixOS folks out on the fediverse thanks to this thread on discourse.

I haven’t gotten around to reaching out yet though

@afontaine Since I see you're using the pleroma NixOS module and have some Elixir experience, we need to fix this:

* wink wink*

(only if you're up to of course, there's no obligation here!)

@Ninjatrappeur Oooo very interesting! thanks for letting me know, I’ll put it on the todo list to look at over the weekend

Favorite client?

Please and respond with your thoughts 😁

@rysiek I don’t know whether I’d recommend upping the price to try and get more out of this person or do it for dirt cheap so they’ll definitely go for it and you can article to your heart’s content 🤔

#introductions Hey there! I’m Andrew, and this is my single user instance.

I’m primarily a #frontend developer for 💰, but love #NixOS, #elixir, and #functional programming

I like playing video games, especially ARPGS (especially especially Path of Exile and Last Epoch). I like FFXIV, but haven’t had a chance to play EndWalker yet.

I have a blog that I don’t write to often at, and on matrix I am, but I don’t pay attention to it too much.

I’m an infrequent tooter, but I do occasionally get into a tooting zone

The acute pain of having the wind blow your cookie away, and when you go to pick up the trash you knock over your espresso, spilling it everywhere.

@hund I think @gabek is referring to all the other programs that build the fediverse, such as pixelfed, pleroma, misskey, and so on.

sped up my test suite so much i keep thinking it's broken and not testing everything

ffxiv, grumble

Mine is when you run a whole new dungeon and not a single thing drops for you 😭

That feeling when you finish your months-long refactor/redesign of a feature only to miss the release cut by a day 😭


The only reason I've seen so far for exwm users nest emacs is for screen sharing purposes.

POLL: I finished the Heavensward MSQ in FFXIV last night. So far on this character, I've only leveled LNC/DRG, the gathering classes, and CUL. Next, should I:


I've heard the DRK story is very good, and I believe the writer went on to do a lot of writing for shadowbringers and endwalker

My heart belongs to BLM, but the first 60 levels and not great. they might be better now, but things really click at 60