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I actually wrote some elisp today, which is something I tend to avoid lest I fall into a black hole of customization.

It was pretty good though. Would recommend.

#AdventOfCode is just around the corner, and this year I’ll be trying something new and different!

Excited for the types to whip me into shape!

I use blue text to soothe me when frantically writing bad code

I'm really excited for Project Triangle as well, although I wish it was more FFT and less FE 🤷

I went to a horror movie festival to see a premier of a film made by people in my coworking space. It was really good and called The Family

The sleeper hit was the short film shown before the movie, The Mummering, with Mary Walsh of Canadian satirical news. It was spectacular the energy that was crammed into those 15 minutes.

The peace of having the small condo gym to myself is nice. I don't have to share or worry about being in the way.

@NGIZero will there be a published version of the webinar? I’m very interested in what all was shown off.




* Want to go somewhere fast? We have a vehicle for that: It’s called a “TRAIN”

* “i am DRIVING my ‘BMW Individual M760i xDrive Model V12’ to the store to get my groceries for the next two WEEKS” — Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged.

LOOK at what post-war Urbanists have been demanding your Respect for all this time, with all the budget and space we gave them. (These are REAL roads designed by REAL urbanists)

“Hello i would like to live here please” 
They have played us for absolute fools

I'll be replacing my work machine with a System76 Oryx Pro, which is pretty exciting. I don't think I'll get it for about a month, but I'm very excited to be free of MacOS

after not really building anything new at work for a few months, it sure is a struggle to get back into it.

Feels good to get over that hump and get going again though 🤷

@musicmatze Ah well sourcehut has acurl to help you make API calls in build scripts, and gitlab injects tokens into your build environment that give you some read/write access to your project over the API.

You can also do more in both, it is just less automated.

@musicmatze both gitlab and sourcehut have integrated CI. What are you looking for that they are lacking?

After a long day of napping elsewhere, it's always nice to take it easy and watch some TV

my grey and white cat sitting on a couch my grey and white cat lounging on a couch

of course now this means I have to figure out how to actually migrate my email 🙃

Shout out to @celia for recommending Migadu!

I’ve been slowly getting more and more annoyed with Protonmail’s quirks and have a deeper understanding of what I need to be looking out for with regards to email safety/security/privacy, and I think Migadu captures how I feel about everything, and the price don’t hurt.

alright all my self-hosted stuff is migrated to a DO managed database so I don’t have to think about it no more

Almost a full year ago, a friend of mine released a solo album of full of fun pop vibes, and everyone should give it a listen!

@tomharris Dynasty Warriors and friends. No thinking, only waves and waves of enemies to mow down.

Surviving Mars is free on Steam right now - grab it and keep it. Not the best game ever, but... free is free: